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Ab 14 Jahren

2 - 4 Spieler

90 Minuten

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Altersempfehlung: ab 14 Jahren
Spieleranzahl: 1-4
Spieldauer: 90 min

Sleeping Gods: Dungeons adds six dungeons to Sleeping Gods. Each dungeon includes a map and stories. In a dungeon, gameplay will be slightly altered from the regular game.

Each map is printed on thick card stock (Letter-sized, 8.5×11 inches). A separate dungeon booklet contains all of the descriptions, encounters, and puzzles that you'll experience as you explore.

You can access these dungeons at specific locations in the atlas of the Sleeping Gods base game. When you reach a location that contains a dungeon, you can choose to read from the standard storybook, or instead explore the dungeon that is located there. The specified location number is listed in the top left corner of the dungeon map.

Each dungeon holds dangerous traps, vicious monsters, and treasure that you can find. Because dungeons take longer to explore than a standard location, there are a few small changes to game play when you enter one. While in the dungeon, players take turns taking two actions each, which include moving to new rooms, examining your surroundings, and more.

Requires Sleeping Gods to play.

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    Autor: T. Alex Davis, Ryan Laukat
    Verlag: Red Raven Games
    Sprache: Englisch
    EAN: 51497166410

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