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Ab 14 Jahren

1 - 3 Spieler

90 Minuten

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Altersempfehlung: ab 14 Jahren
Spieleranzahl: 1-3
Spieldauer: 90 min

The ultimate game of logistical resourcefulness and relentless competitiveness!
Assume the role of a chief of staff of one of the three massive German Army Groups. Keep the logistics chain working, advance your armies eastwards and enable them to reach their desttination located deep in the Soviet Union - and before your opponents' armies do the same!
The road to Moscow is not paved with roses, though. Mud, a sticky hell which brings your armored assaults to a halt, enemy forces whose defeat will cost you not only the last bullet left in your clip but also the last droplet of fuel left in your gas tank, tactical dilemmas and meticulous calculations of how to reroute the completely stuck railroads - all of this and much more awaits you on the plains and steppes of western Soviet Union.
1941: Race to Moscow brings the system used in 1944: Race to Rhine to a completely new level, with much deeper and more demanding gameplay, as the Eastern Front logistics was a nightmare of supply columns consisting of numerous horse wagons, trucks and trains. What's more, the powerful Soviet armies are just across the boarder, getting ready to launch their own onslaught. With the world's strongest army to beat and a difficult logistical puzzle to solve, 1941: Race to Moscow is a dream come true for every gamer who ever wanted to experience the thrill of Blitzkrieg and Operation Barbarossa!


  •        rulebook
  •        game board
  •        plastic Army miniatures
  •   11 army cards
  •   54 Pursuit cards
  •   33 Soviet cards
  •   12 OKH cards
  •     3 Front cards
  •     3 player aid cards
  •     3 Logistics cards
  •   95 plastic supply tokens
  •        plastic transport markers
  •   15 trucks
  •   26 trains
  •   16 bunker miniatures
  • 212 cardboard markers  
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Autor: Waldemar Gumienny
Verlag: Phalanx Games
Sprache: Englisch
EAN: 5900741508801

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